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How to Not Get to Overwhelmed with Your Plans in The Run Up to Your Special Day (Feeling Overwhelmed During Your Wedding Planning? Here Are 7 Tips Proven to Help)

April 12, 2023

Planning a wedding is no easy task; sometimes, the stress starts right at the beginning. One minute you’re basking in the euphoria of being engaged, and the next, you’re worried. You’ve never planned a party this big before!

If you find yourself in this position, the first thing to do is remember that you are not alone. This is something that every couple faces, and so there are ways to work around it. Here are some expert tips to help you beat feeling overwhelmed and get you back to planning the wedding of your dreams. 

  • Prioritise

Couples often feel overwhelmed while planning because they lose sight of what is important to them. When planning a wedding, you’ll often find yourself managing the expectations of others with your desires. It’s time to prioritise.

Determine what you feel your wedding cannot do without, make a list, and always keep that in mind. Whenever you face hard decisions, pull out that list and ensure your choices align with what you have. You’ll find that this makes it easier to avoid stress when planning. 

  • Be Realistic

Consider your timing, financial strength and other personal details before making decisions. For example, giving yourself just one month to plan your celebration could be unrealistic. If you keep procrastinating till you only have a month left, you could be in trouble.

So set realistic and, if possible, research-backed deadlines. Also, ensure you create a budget based on what you can afford and stick to it. Remember to give yourself some extra time in case something unforeseen happens. 

  • Hire Professionals

Working with professionals will save you from many worries that could make you feel overwhelmed. The three wedding professionals to focus on for a perfect day are your wedding planner, photographer, and caterer.

A professional has the experience needed to ensure that your wedding planning goes smoothly. They’ll also be able to predict any possible issues and take steps to prevent them from happening. Even when things go wrong, like they sometimes do, a professional can quickly handle it before it even gets to your notice. 

  • Delegate

You can delegate some tasks depending on your family dynamics and relationship with friends. You should not feel ashamed to ask for help during your wedding planning. Something so simple as your sister-in-law coordinating with the florist could save you a ton of headaches.

Your family and other loved ones want to see your wedding succeed. They’ll be more than happy to assist with what your need. Many couples make the mistake of feeling like they have to do every single task by themselves, leading to them feeling overwhelmed.

  • Avoid Comparison

Have you ever heard the phrase “Comparison is the thief of joy”? Well, this phrase is generally true and even more so when planning your wedding. Your wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your partner. Please don’t treat it like a contest.

Sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be very useful when planning. However, you should ensure you aren’t holding them up as some standard you must surpass. Personalised weddings are always the most memorable. You deserve a meaningful and happy time with your loved ones instead of a generic Instagram-worthy party.

  • Plan for Rest

While planning for your wedding, ensure that you also plan out time to rest. Taking a break from the process can help you come back refreshed and better able to handle things. A break also gives you time to focus on and enjoy with your partner outside of planning.

During this rest, practice self-care and do things that make you happy. Go somewhere stress-free and also schedule some date nights with your partner. Taking time away can help you reduce the strain the planning is causing in your relationship.

  • Focus on The Big Picture

Your wedding is about marrying the person you love and celebrating that with your loved ones. It is important always to keep this in mind. Details like who sits where and the number of protein options are so minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

So always remind yourself of what’s important, especially when you feel overwhelmed. It’ll help you relax and make your decisions from a place of understanding. Both your mental health and your wedding planning will benefit from this.  

  • In Conclusion

Planning a wedding can never be completely stress-free, but caring for yourselves along the way is important. Ensuring that you deal with any overwhelming feelings that you have is important. So, when necessary, take a step back and relax. You could also talk to an experienced professional.

Thinking of these tips and finding which you need to use when feeling overwhelmed could also help. So, please apply any that fit to lift your spirit or that of your partner on a gloomy day.



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